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Enjoying a friendship weekend on the cheap

20180901_175745I have just had an extra special weekend – the perfect combination of time to myself mixed with friendship.

It started off on Friday with a free trip to the theatre with a friend, a lovely birthday present from my daughter last summer.   

On Saturday morning I met another friend for a blustery walk, followed by a homemade soup and sandwich lunch  - not an expensive trip out, but very special all the same.

On Saturday afternoon I cooked in preparation for another friend arriving for supper.  I provided the food, she brought the wine. It was cheap, tasty and fun and just as good as spending a fortune at a local restaurant. 

Sunday was ‘me time’ – a swim, trip to the Sunday farmers market and antique fair.  Nothing was spent apart from the cost of the swim and a home made loaf of bread. The weekend finished with a fantastic film ‘ Capernaum’ at the local film society. Just £4 entry so can’t be bad.

Friendship doesn't have to be about spending lots of money, there are so many things that can be done cheaply which are just as enjoyable as an expensive meal out.  Outdoor activities - walking, running, cycling are all super cheap and will allow you to share an adventure with your friends. Walks are obviously free and to make it really cheap, take a picnic or just buy a gallery 1

If you fancy a night out or trip away but are short of cash, why not use Tesco or other vouchers, search websites such as Travelzoo, Groupon or take a look at what is on at your local theatre, which is usually a lot cheaper than productions at regional theatres. For the cinema, again look out for special offers, often on particular days or for particular age groups.

And other things are on offer too – many local libraries have speakers who you can hear from free, churches offer music concerts, the list goes on.   Keep an eye on your local paper/noticeboard/Facebook page for things happening locally.   You can also look online for local events using Eventbrite.

Then phone a friend and get the date in your diary!

And if you are looking for more friends to enjoy these things with, we might be able to help!  Take a look our eventfriends page to see the types of events togetherfriends members are planning!