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December - what makes it special?

Posted by Helen King on Tuesday 9th December 2014

December is an odd month. Everyone rushes about in a frenzy – with lists of things to do; desperately trying to fit in preparations for THE BIG EVENT whilst still carrying on with their everyday life.  It’s a bit crazy really – all this for one day. OK it’s a special day, but it’s the same every year.  I sometimes feel like getting away from it all, to take a trip and do an alternative Christmas. But the kids won’t have it – they like it the way it’s always been, in spite of their being almost grown up now.

And although everyone is busy, the world of work seems to stop.  I’m always hearing– ‘I’ll do it in January’. I haven’t any facts, but I’m sure productivity must fall in December. It’s a bit like August, the holiday season, when the world seems to go into slow mode. 

But maybe it’s just what we need. Life can be pretty mundane if it always stretches out just the same in front of us. It’s easy to vegetate, to just go to work, come home, have your tea, watch TV… sometimes it’s harder to make things happen.  Events have to arranged, friends have to be invited, time has to be found for those extra special events.  You actually have to be pretty motivated to get out and do something.  Some find it harder than others – some are geared up to ‘do things’, while others don’t quite know how to plan their days, how to make the most of their friendships, how to start exercising or learning a new skill.

So although I find December a bit daunting, I guess it pushes us on to socialise, to eat well, to enjoy each other’s company.  It’s a sort of motivation in itself and any excuse for companionship has to be a good thing!