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Being alone vs being connected

Having my own space

I like my own space.  Every Sunday morning I take myself off for a swim, followed by a trip to the local antique fair or food market, or a quiet coffee with a newspaper.  It's my time out where I can just be me and gather my thoughts.  I also go to the gym or for walks regularly, happy in my own company, doing my own thing.

Staying connected

But I also have to balance this out with seeing friends. Last week I had a panic that I had no socials on for the next few weeks and no social contact, and that made me feel unsure of myself and questioning my friendships.   However independent you are, you still need contact with others.  I find I don't enjoy time alone if I don't balance it with time with others.  Time on your own can quickly turn into loneliness without that social contact.   And of course an overdose of social contact can make you crave time alone.  

I'm a sociable person.  I find it quite easy to talk to people, but when I lose regular social contact I start to lose confidence in myself; thinking others are too busy, have better friends, or are caught up with their own families. 

Making the effort to pick up the phone

When you feel like this, you have to be brave, look at what's on offer in the area, pick up the phone and call a few people.  I'd put money on them being as keen to meet as you are, after all who doesn't like a good night out?

Togetherfriends can help

And remember your togetherfriends friends out there.  They are ready and waiting for you to send that message, to meet up for a coffee, glass of wine or walk in the countryside. If you feel you need to increase your circle of friends try registering with us and message a few new friends.