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How to support your friends during lockdown

We are all individual and living out lockdown under very different circumstances.   I am fortunate in that I live near beautiful countryside, am able to work from home, have company and my children are grown up, so I am able to adapt to lockdown relatively easily.   As well as that, I realise that I am an introvert, happy in my own company, appreciating the peace and to a large extent the calmness that surrounds us at the present time. But I am fully aware that it is a very different story for many people.  People around the country are living very difficult lockdown lives -  living in cramped accommodation with few places to escape to, living alone apart from family and friends, worried about jobs and elderly or sick family members and friends, caring for someone at home and unable to leave the house.  Many people find lockdown to be mentally very challenging, suffering from anxiety, depression or fear.

So it is important for us all to support each other, to keep in contact when not able to meet up.  If you are worried that a friend or family member is isolated, keep in touch - A conversation will mean a lot to those people who are living on their own during this time.

How to support your friends during lockdown

  • Make contact regularly by phone, Skype, email, social media....  It shows that you care, that you wish to support them and enjoy their company.  
  • Let them know that they can ring you too.    People are often reluctant to do this, as they don't like to intrude, but often people want to help but don't know how to.
  • If they are self isolating, offer your help - are there any jobs you can do for them such as a weekly shop, collecting prescriptions, or just welcoming the weekly phonecall?  
  • Share online information with them such as an online choir, exercise class, cooking or gardening demonstration.  
  • How about learning something new together such as baking bread, learning to knit, or learning a new language?  You can have a giggle trying new things out and have something of interest to chat about  on the phone. 
  • Enjoy online coffees, glasses of wine, cook an online meal together or watch a film/read a book and discuss later. 
  • Plan ahead. Plan a special day out or trip away when we  have freedom again.  It will give you both something to look forward to. 

Let's be honest about it, there is nothing to beat face to face contact, but there are all sorts of inventive ways to stay connected.  And remember, although not able to meet personally at the moment, many of our members are keeping connected via togetherfriends, looking forward to the time when they can meet in person.

How are you keeping in touch with your friends?