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Planning life as an emptynester

2-women-talking-over-coffee-300x199September is the start of my year. It is the month when I rethink my life - what's gone right, what's gone wrong, what are my priorities.  

September is the month when I set up togetherfriends, long ago in 2013 at the age of 52.

I'm now 59, so it's interesting to look back over the last decade and see where my life has gone. 

My 3 kids have left home, although the youngest is still at university so turns up now and again with her washing,  the need of a good meal and some sleep.  And we have downsized our home in the last 10 years, allowing us a little more cash and also more time to do the things that are are important to us. 

For the moment, the kiddy years have left us behind, allowing me to be an emptynester and largely do what I want to do.

My biggest achievement has definitely been setting up togetherfriends.   When I started out on the website journey I had no experience of websites, marketing, or running my own business.  I had never been on Facebook or Twitter, had never written a blog or a newsletter - it's safe to say I was a complete novice in lots of things, and had a very large mountain to climb.

Through all the pressure, I had one vision - to offer friendship to women.   

Togetherfriends has grown from 0 to several thousand members.  Members live all over the UK - from Southampton to Aberdeen, from Cardiff to Belfast and are connecting with each other, making new friends.  They meet for coffee, meals out, shopping trips, dog walks and cinema trips. They even go on holiday together.

In this busy world, it is important to have time for ourselves.  To keep connected, to share experiences with others.  So I hope that togetherfriends will continue to grow, offering friendship to women throughout the UK.

So treat September as the start of the year. Join a club (I'm joining a new choir) sign up to a special holiday, charity run or spa weekend. Contact an old friend or a new friend via the togetherfriends messaging system.  And if you haven't joined us already, join togetherfriends and let us help you make new friends with other women who live close by!