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The Band Musical - a story of female friendship

This week  I went to see The Band Musical, a story about female friendship, the bond between a group of teenage girls over their love of a pop group (based on band 'Take That').  It was a brilliant evening, an evening of laughter and tears with the whole audience rocking along the whole way through.

 But as well as offering us wonderful music and dance, it had a great story, a story which will ring true to many of us.  Teenage girls vow to stay best friends forever, but inevitably go their separate ways and lose touch, meeting up again 25 years later when one of them wins tickets to see the Band again.

You had the usual friendship group members, the swotty one planning university and a top career, the sporty one, the outgoing, confident one, and the sensible one, all of them with their life plan mapped out in their heads before them.  Inevitably things don't work out as planned, and on meeting again 25 years on, they help each other address the difficulties in their lives and to see things from a different perspective.

Isn't this what good friendship is all about?  Supporting, talking, guiding each other through the good times and bad?  Having fun but being there for each other?  Offering an alternative perspective to family life and maybe a little light relief from everyday trials? 

And friendships of many years can be a special thing, when that old school friend knows so much about you and understands some of the ups ands downs that you have gone through.

I have a special school friend.  We meet once a year and go on a little trip together.  Next year we are heading to Paris on Eurostar.  When we meet we eat, drink, laugh and we talk.  I know her family, her brother, sister and the house where she grew up.  She knows mine.  So there is a special bond between us that has developed over years of understanding and knowledge.

Friendships come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  There are the old school and university friendships, the friendships born from a shared interest, the bond of children, work friends or the friends next door.  Whatever type of friendship it is, make it positive, a good experience that adds something special to your life. 

And if you get the chance, phone your friends and go and see the Band musical.  It is a great fun evening out, and a wonderful story that feels so relevant to ones' own life.

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