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Looking for easy access to your togetherfriends account?  Set up a togetherfriends widget!

We may not have a togetherfriends app, but here is the next best thing; a togetherfriends widget!

A widget is basically an icon added to your homescreen on your phone or tablet, making it easy for you to access the togetherfriends site.

How to add a togetherfriends widget

1. On your phone/tablet, go to the togetherfriends website

2. Tap on the three 'vertical dots' to the right of the web address at the top of the screen

3. Select 'Add to home screen'

4. Then tap 'Add'

5. The icon for togetherfriends will now appear on your phone/tablet home screen. If you already have a lot of icons you may need to scroll across several screens to find it (but it will be there!)

In future, to access togetherfriends, simply tap on the togetherfriends icon and you will be taken directly to our website.