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Welcome to our new closed Facebook group for togetherfriends members. 

This group is on offer to all our subscribed members, in addition to the 1 to 1 matching, eventfriends request, online events, discounts from independent shops and automatic entry into our prize draw.

So what does the new closed Facebook group offer? - the group is a safe place where members can interact, chat, support and motivate each other and basically have a good time! 

bethan 1We are getting the ball rolling by setting a Couch to 5k running challenge, to be run by team member Bethan King.  More challenges will be offered in the future - and they won't all be in relation to fitness either!  

The Couch To 5k officially starts today, 1st May 2021.
The Couch to 5k is  the first of our group challenges, helping our members get fit, make new friends and support each other in starting something new. This is about real women feeling good, making friends and getting fit (both mentally and physically) at the same time!  It is a closed, private, informal group and is not run by professionals. It is best suited to beginner/novice runners and there is lots of information on kit ideas, how to find and download the plan, warm up guides and lots more is in the group. 
This is a safe space for you to make mistakes, challenge yourself, get fit and hopefully make some new friends along the way!
Bethan has her own personal reasons for taking on the challenge:
  • To get fitter: aside from walking my dog I'm ashamed to say I'm pretty terrible at exercising! I've always worked jobs that required me to be on my feet every day so ended up feeling 'too tired' to exercise (at least that was my excuse!)
  • To help with my mental wellbeing: this year has been a crazy one and I want to challenge myself to start something new and complete it, and running releases feel good endorphins too! I also want to prove to myself that I can rise to a challenge, it always makes me feel so proud to know I've completed something new.

Why not join Bethan on the challenge and make some friends along the way?  Why would you choose to take on this challenge?   LET'S GET RUNNING!?