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Togetherfriends wishes you a healthy and friend filled 2021!

2021 is a New Year like no other.  I am sure you all, like me, breath a sigh of relief to see the end of 2020 and hope, beyond all else, for a year where we can enjoy good health, friendship and special times. In a year when we have had to disconnect from friends, to chat only from a distance, to cancel social events and special times, all I wish for is a happy healthy fulfilling life where I can enjoy my hobbies and friendships to the full while being safe from this dreaded virus.

Last year I wrote a blog about New Year Resolutions, but I am not making any resolutions this year, I only wish that we all stay safe, stay connected and that life returns soon to some sort of normality, when we can do all the things we used to do - go to the cinema and theatre, enjoy a shared meal, go on holiday, return to the local choir or art class.  Zoom is ok, but there is nothing like meeting up in real life, when friendships and memories can be shared.

And remember that togetherfriends is here for you.  If you have been feeling isolated, if you feel in need of new friends, we might be able to help.   You just need to register on the togetherfriends site and see who you are matched with. For now, connections are still made remotely via our secure messaging system, but hopefully the time will come soon when we can all meet face to face.   So why  not register on the site and get to know your matches online for now.   You never know, your new best friend could be just around the corner!