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The people you meet on holiday, helping you feel 'at home' on your travels

campervan tripI have just returned from a campervan holiday in Scotland. It was a real adventure.  As well as the beautiful scenery, and the opportunity to hike, swim and kayak, I loved meeting people along the way and they definitely helped to make the trip as special as it was.

There were the welcoming campsite owners who almost always went out of their way to be helpful and friendly, the perfect welcome at the start of a holiday.  There was the bus driver from Edinburgh who had been visiting his caravan for 15 years, knew all his neighbours and informed me that every morning one of the residents began the day by playing his bagpipes to the campsite – maybe not welcomed by every visitor!

There was the ‘neighbour’ who came from my home town in Wales where I grew up, and the other ‘neighbour’ who lived close by to us now, so we had lots to talk about.  Then there was the gentleman who loved his sea fishing and ventured out to sea in an ‘ inflatable chair’ with his fishing rods and flippers on his feet.  Looked highly dangerous to me but he said he had been fishing in this way for 40 years!

These people were obviously not my friends, but helped to make the holiday extra special.  I love meeting people on my travels, they help to make you feel at home.

What friendships have you made on your travels?