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Looking for adventure? Iceland is the place to go!

There is nothing to beat lying in a hot river on the top of a mountain with the sun beating down, and that is exactly what we did on our family holiday in Iceland.  We had just hiked for an hour in the hills about Hveragarda, an area teaming with hot springs.  Having lived in the UK all my life, it was quite surreal seeing bubbling craters opening up and spewing out scorchingly hot water form the earth's crust.

Our family holidays have always involved an element of adventure. We have spent many years in tents, hiking boots, on bikes and kayaks so the 'kids', now young adults were not too phased when a trip to Icelend was mentioned.

We had to do Iceland on the cheap, so we booked our flights independently with Icelandic Air and, in order to keep costs down, stayed in Airbnb, accommodation, where we could cook for ourselves and have some space.  We hired a VW Golf to drive around the island and booked accommodation in 4 locations -  two in Rejkavik, as well as north and south Iceland.

For anyone who has not stayed with Airbnb before, you get a rather intriguing mix of accommodation - from cool flats in the centre of Rejkavik, to a wooden cabin on the Icelandic plains, with a hot tub, wild horses galloping by and Mount Hekla in the distance.

It truly was a fantastic holiday.  We saw everything that nature had to offer - from immense waterfalls, geysers rising  m in the air, icebergs,volcanoes, hot springs and vast volcanic craters. We walked on glaciers and lounged in geothermic pools - it was a country that had it all.  Everyday was an adventure and we loved every minute of it.

The down side -  Iceland is a very expensive country, and we were limited by what we could do because of cost. But if you love the outdoors, you can always camp and cook for yourself, which will cut the cost dramatically.

The only other downside can be the weather - the Icelandic weather is notorious for being grey and overcast, but we were lucky to have two weeks of glorious sunshine.

So if you fancy a holiday with a difference, Iceland is hard to beat!

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