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How to keep in touch with your long distance friend...

FullSizeR (1)I am on my yearly meet up with my long distance friend.  This year I am at her house in the Midlands but in previous years we have been to London, Paris, Liverpool, to name but a few, enjoying little mini adventures together. 

My long distance friend and I were at primary and secondary school together.  We shared a house in London in our young, free and single 20s.  We once spent two months together working in a french chateau - cleaning, waiting at tables and partying into the night.  So it's safe to say that I have known my friend for a very long time. 

I love meeting my long distance friend.  There is somehow so much history between us, we are almost like sisters.  She has seen me change and develop over the years from the shy, gangly 10 year old to the mature, more confident, hopefully fun loving woman that I am today. 

I am loving reconnecting with my friends from the past.

If this is something that you would also like to do, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Connect via social media

    Whatever you may think of social media, it can be great for long distance friendships.  It will keep you connected and involved in each other's lives. 

  • Be brave and make contact

    Since my kids left home I have contacted a number of old long distance friends.  As we head into our 50s and 60s, maybe with more time on our hands, somehow these friendships are all the more important.

  • Arrange a date in your diary

    If you have a date set up, you can start thinking about your next mini adventure together.

  • Look out for exhibitions, walks, literature, food or music festivals

    There are so many fantastic things to do around the country.  I find it great fun researching and planning ahead and it gives you something to look forward to.

  • Meet up at a half way point for a day out together

    It will help keep the cost down and won't be such an effort for either of you.

  • Remember each other at Christmas and birthdays with a card and maybe a small token present

    I love buying small presents for friends. When you know someone well, they are fun to buy for.

  • Cheap train tickets and entry fees

    If you plan ahead you can make use of cheaper train tickets and entry fees to help bring the cost down.

My friend and I are already thinking about our next meet up. Hay festival or a food festival have been mentioned...