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Putting friendship at the heart of your New Year Resolution

We all do it every year - set New Year Resolutions (NYR).  We all want to be slimmer, fitter or to eat less chocolate. But how many of us succeed?   How many of us give up just weeks into the new goal?   From experience I know how hard it is to keep yourself motivated.

My theory is that it is almost impossible to meet a NYR on your own.   You need the support of family and friends for motivation and encouragement.    To be successful, you need a NYR buddy to go on your journey with you.   If you plan to run 5k, it is so hard to do on your own, but with a positive role model, a partner in crime, you can encourage, cajole and motivate each other towards your joint goals. Together you can set yourself more difficult goals.  If for instance you have never run, set yourselves the 0 - 5k, sign up for your local Parkrun and put your name down for a 10k in a year's time. 

If you want to hike more, invite a friend for weekly walks, research interesting places to go and again set goals - walk further, walk up a mountain, aim to walk a long distance path or go on a walking holiday with a company such as HFHolidays, Ramblers Holidays or Exodus Travels.  I find it hard to walk on my own, but with a friend, it is fun to plan the trips together. DSCN0596

How about painting or trying out pottery? Is there a paddleboarding class on your nearest lake? It's good to have a pal to share the experience with but remember, you will meet people at the classes themselves as well.    If you are with people who like the same things you will soon make new friends along the way.  

So set yourselves your New Year goals, but surround yourself with positive, encouraging and supportive people too.   It makes life so much easier and more fun and enjoyable. 

And if you are looking for a new friend to share your NYR with, we might be able to help at togetherfriends!