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The importance of friends after bereavement

a-flower-for-youIt has been a difficult week.  I have lost my lovely mother.  Even though she was very elderly and her death was an inevitable part of the circle of life, it is still a hard thing to come to terms with.  After all, for all of my 59 years she has been there for me, offering unconditional love and support to me. 

But what I have discovered this week is how precious it is to have the support of family and friends.  Family have of course rallied round tremendously, supporting each other through differing emotions. 

But friends too have been a great help.  The special messages, the cards, the flowers are all such lovely touches.  One friend took me out for tea, one friend lent me a jacket for the funeral and another offered a bed for the night to my needy relatives.  And one friend gave me bulbs for the garden which, when they flower, will remind me of my mum. 

Friends are so important, in good times and bad.  Bereavement is a difficult emotion to cope with, for the bereaved themselves but also for others around them.  Sometimes it is difficult to know what to say or how to act.  But being a good friend at this time is so important, and will be appreciated forever. 

So if you have a bereaved friend or relative, be there for them, offer support, loving touches, trips out, or even a cake or stew to help when they are grieving or busy with arrangements.  A kind gesture means so much in difficult times and will be appreciated forever.