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The ultimate treat with friends - a spa weekend

ragdale helen and joFor someone who spends most of her holidays hiking, camping and living the outdoor life, 2 days at a spa for a girly weekend was the ultimate treat!

My friend and I were in need of some pampering, so at the last minute booked two nights at Ragdale Hall, well-known as an all-inclusive award-winning destination spa (and the hotel offers discounts for late booking!).

 The reputation of Ragdale Hall went before it, and we looked forward to a weekend of relaxation, good food as well as a mega catchup. A spa trip away really was a new experience for me and I didn't know what to expect.  But I wasn't disappointed!

Right from the start we received top-class service  the valet parking was a nice touch and our luggage arrived miraculously in our lovely room, where we found our personalised schedule of meal times, massage and beauty treatments plus a comprehensive list of activities so we were able to plan our days, making sure we had plenty of chill out time.  Along with the other guests,  we were given white robes to hang out in, making us feel part of a special, very relaxed club.

Although a big complex, Ragdale Hall ran like a well-oiled machine,   From the large number of cars in the carpark, it looked as though the Hall could be overcrowded, but the facilities are so extensive that we never felt hemmed in and there are plenty of quiet, cosy corners as well. It has a lovely homely atmosphere, with a wide variety of sitting out areas, a cafe and dining room, treatment and gym area and of course the choice of a number of lovely pools The rooftop Infinity pool overlooking the tree toragdale poolps was rather special where my friend and I had the chance for a good natter. (It is heated of course!) and the thermal spa with different rooms appealing to all the senses - heat, sound, smell, sight  is wonderful. I also liked  the candlelight pool, which is lit by flickering candles and feels quite magical.  The exercise pool and gym offered a wide variety of  classes -  I went to candlelight stretching and Aqua Hiit class, (which I particularly loved as this was a new experience for me) In fact there was so much on offer I  had to make sure I actually relaxed rather than run around from activity to activity!

 So if you are looking for a treat away - a couple of days of reading, swimming, relaxing, exercise, massage, fantastic food, great grounds and of course time with your favourite people, a spa weekend away could be just the thing. 

I never thought I would say this, but having sampled Ragdale I will be back- it really is the perfect place to relax with your special friends!

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