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Who joins togetherfriends?

So, you have found togetherfriends via the internet, word of mouth, social media or an advert, and you are wondering whether it is for you?  Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose and you may just make your new best friend. The site is friendly, easy to use and secure. It is a friendship site that works like an app. You just provide the information that you wish to provide and no information is shared with outside agencies. 

So who joins togetherfriends? The site offers friendship to all women in the UK over 18, and we have very many members in the 45+ age group.  Members join us for so many reasons.  They have/are:

  • moved to a new area and don't know anyone
  • recently divorced or separated from a partner and are wishing to build a new friendship group
  • caring for someone at home and struggle to get out and make new friends
  • recently retired and are looking to build their friendship circle
  • bereaved and looking to build a supportive group of friends
  • working from home so do not have work friends on offer
  • live in a rural area where it is difficult to meet others like themselves
  • looking for a dog walking partner
  • looking for a running, walking or other sport partner 
  • children are leaving home and you are looking to broaden your social life.
  • feeling isolated and in need of more friends

There are so many reasons why our members join togetherfriends, and we have members throughout the UK, from Scotland to Cornwall, Northern Ireland and Wales to Suffolk.

togetherfriends is run by Helen, who lives in Yorkshire and she is happy to give any help along the way. It links members to each other based on where they live, their age and interests and members can chat to each other via the secure messaging system before meeting in person.  Where available, they can also join in the group events on offer on the eventfriends page.

So if you are thinking of joining, why not give it a try? You can register for free and view your matches. You only need to subscribe  (£19.99pa) when you wish to connect with your matches. 

This could be the start of new friendships! Register here to get started on the friendship journey!