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Making friends over lunch in Chester and York

In the last few weeks, I was lucky enough to venture over the Yorkshire border to meet a group of lovely ladies in Chester for a relaxing lunch.  There were six of us in total, all in the 50ish age group, and we bonded over prosecco and pasta.  We all chatted easily about families, work and all the other things that women love to talk about.

Here we are in full flow!

Over the last few months Cheshire ladies have met regularly for lunches, walks and cinema/ theatre trips.   Angela, our rep in that area hosts many of the events as well as other members who set up socials in their local towns.

And over in York, a similar group get together regularly for coffee, lunch and trips to the theatre.  Here they are catching up on all the York gossip! 

The York togetherfriends ladies set up their own events at times/dates/venues to suit them. As in Chester, their social events are open to all subscribed members and  are a great way to  meet other women who live locally. 

I love meeting togetherfriends ladies - they are so open to building new friendships and are keen to enjoy life with other like minded women.  togetherfriends social events are run by the members for the members - if a member sets up an event, they can pick a time and place to suit them. It's an easy way to meet other women from your town.  

If you are keen to make friends and broaden your friendship group, either one to one or at a group event, why not join us now and start making new friends.  If you want to set up an event in your local town, just decide the venue, time and place and we will do the rest, informing all local members about it  I would love to see similar events set up in other areas of the UK and look forward to lots of you joining us in the coming months.