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Becoming a middle age runner...

helen runningA Facebook friend, Run Young over 50s recently featured a post about me taking up running in lockdown.  As the article states, I am quite proud as I was definitely not born to be a runner.   But as I get older, I am becoming more focussed and am motivated to look after myself.  I am quite good at motivating myself, but am aware that others need a friend to share the experience and to keep them motivated.   If you are looking for a running, hiking, singing or even coffee buddy, we might be able to help!

'Helen King, 59, has taken up running during lockdown. After spotting this tweet I asked to her to tell me a bit about why she started running and how it has benefitted her.

Helen has always loved the outdoors but never thought of herself as a runner. She's always liked to keep active with regular walks on Ilkley Moor near her home, a weekly swim and pilates class. With the gym and swimming pool closed during lockdown, she started running and was surprised to find she enjoyed it a little.

Helen says that running gives her a 'buzz' for the rest of the day, helping her to stay positive and more energetic during lockdown.

She's absolutely determined to stay as fit and healthy as she can into old age. She says "I feel that I have so much more living to do, I have a bucket list of things to do over the next 20 years…and to enable me to do this, I have to stay fit and healthy for as long as I can. I have no desire to get super fit, just a desire to keep moving, so I have no interest in marathons, and will just be happy with parkrun/ fun run level."

Helen runs a UK friendship website for women Together Friends

Keep running Helen and we hope you will enjoy parkrun when it starts again!

Do you know anyone who's started running during lockdown?'