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Looking for an active friend who can join you on runs, walks, gym classes…?

banner7We all love to have friends and it’s important for our health and wellbeing to keep active, but it can be difficult to find a friend who wishes to exercise with you.  Having an exercise buddy helps so much to keep you motivated and focussed.  You can have a laugh together, set yourselves goals, even sign up to the local parkrun, or 10k race.  Whether you want to walk, run, paddleboard or dance it is good to have a sports buddy alongside you.  And if you are not sure which sport will suit you, why not try out a few?  A lot of clubs have beginner courses on offer. And remember, we can help you find an active friend who wishes to enjoy the same sports as you.   Why not put a shoutout on our eventfriends page or add a request to your togetherfriends profile for an exercise buddy?

If you are keen to keep active and take up a sport, here are a few suggestions on where to find local clubs and classes:

  • DSCN0598Hiking groups –There are hiking groups in most areas; look for local groups on your community noticeboard/local newspaper, as well as national organisations such as Ramblers, Walking for Health and U3A - all offering walks for different abilities. There are also lots of walking holidays on offer – Her on a Hill and Wild Rambling offers walking holidays for women and I have been on a few organised walking holidays with Collett's Mountain Holidays, Hf Holidays – all excellent and very friendly. And if you don’t want to walk in a group, why not ask your togetherfriends pals to join you on some local walks?
  • Running group – Always wanted to run but never had the nerve to run alone? Why not shout out for a friend on the togetherfriends site then sign up together for one of the many Couch to 5k courses on offer, or try out your local Parkrun? With a bit of motivation, you may end up running a 10k!  My friend joined a local running group when she moved to the area and found that she immediately bonded with those around her and they are now her firm friends. 
  • Cycling clubs - Enjoy cycling or tempted to start? Take a look at HSBC Breeze groups which offer beginner rides to build your confidence and search online for cycling groups in your local area.  Keep a look out for cycle books with easy local rides and ask your friends if they would like to join you.
  • Dog walking friend – You like to dog walk but don’t want to go on your own? Where do you find a dogwalking friend?  You could be lucky and have a friend or neighbour who owns a dog, or even if they don’t own a dog they might want toP1000128 join you?  Alternatively, is there a community noticeboard in your local town where you could make a shoutout for a dog walk buddy?   There may also be some local dog walk groups.  And if you haven’t got a dog but fancy a doggie companion, take a look at Borrow my Doggy and the Cinnamon Trust who are always on the lookout for people to walk a dog.
  • Gym buddies – Gyms are good but it can be difficult to stay motivated on your own. So why not make a request on the togetherfriends site for a gym buddy?  If you go to the gym together, you can encourage and motivate each other.  It is a good idea to join a class or group such as an aerobics, dance or pilates as you may find someone there who you hit it off with.  I have joined Zumba and it is great fun, and we go out for a coffee afterwards.
  • Sports Clubs –badminton, judo, tennis… ?– There are so many sports on offer, why not see what is available nearby? – go to local library, search online and  on your community online noticeboards,  and keep a look out in the local paper.  Something may just catch your eye which you have always wanted to do.
  • jo moseley 1Water based friends –Love the water? Are there any wild swimming groups nearby? – a great bonding experience! Or is there an aqua aerobics class in your local pool or another water sport such as kayaking, paddleboarding, rowing or sailing?  With a bit of coaching, you might find a new hobby and make some friends along the way!
  • Exercise for people with limited mobility – groups like Move it or Lose it, seated exercise classes are good to join and you are likely to meet others like you there too. Your local community centre may have some on offer.
  • This Girl CanA good national website just for women, with information on many sports and how to get started.


Whatever sport you are interested in, remember that we are here at togetherfriends to help you find your sport buddy, helping you remain active, motivated and have fun along the way!