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Friendship and menopause - the perfect partnership!

dee murrayWe are delighted to have partnered with Menopause Experts, the place to go to on all things relating to menopause!  Dee Murray, the founder of the business, works with a team of experts on health and wellbeing issues, particularly for women in the midlife stage, covering topics such as nutrition, relationships, exercise, sleep, health issues and of course friendships.  We are pleased to offer our support and expertise on the friendship front!  

Partnering with Menopause Experts is particularly special to me as I set up togetherfriends in mid life, as a menopausal woman when I was looking for new direction in my life.  The website has been, and continues to be an amazing journey for me, something I did not expect in my 50's and early 60's.  As you can read in my interview with Dee,  at that time I was becoming an emptynester, I was caring for my elderly mother and I was losing my way in the world of work.  I was also suffering some menopausal symptoms which were affecting my confidence and general health.  You can read my interview with Dee here!

I look forward to working with Dee and her team in the future and bringing you more support during the menopause years!