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Making the most of your registration

At togetherfriends we want to help you to find other women like yourself who you hit it off with, and this all hinges on what you request when you register on the site.

The site works by automatically matching members based on age, interests and location.  So the more information you put down, the more closely we can match you to your ideal friend.


What are your interests?  Have you got particular hobbies?  Do you just want a coffee and chat or to find a cinema buddy?

The more interests ticked, the more women you will be matched with.  You can also tick how many shared interests you would like.  You will receive less matches if you tick 3 shared interests, more if you choose one. 


What age are you and who are you willing to meet up with?

On age, tick as many age groups as you are happy to meet.  Why not be open to meeting women who are slightly older or younger than you? 


How far away can you travel to meet up?  Do you want to find friends close by or can you search over a wider distance?

Consider distance searched. If you request a 5 mile radius, you will have less matches than if you request a 20 mile radius. You do however need to be realistic as to how far you can travel.


Tell us a little about yourself

This is your chance to 'tell your story'.  How long have you lived in the area, what work do you do, have you a family, what do you like doing in your spare time?   Lots of positive information will encourage your matches to make contact. And give some idea as to whether you prefer to meet up during the week or weekends.


Have you got a friendly photo you can add? 

Add a photo whenever possible.   Those with photos tend to receive more messages.  It is good to put a face to the name and makes members feel more reassured and likely to get in touch.

Monthly Newsletter

Want to receive up to date information on togetherfriends?  Remember to 'opt in'

If you wish to receive our monthly newsletter, log into your profile and  tick the newsletter opt in box.  And if you have been a member for a while and used to receive the newsletter, you need to opt in again.

Registration is easy on togetherfriends - just complete the form and you are on your way towards making new friends!