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How to use the togetherfriends site

Looking for new friends and thinking of joining the togetherfriends site? Want to know how it all works?

togetherfriends is an easy to use, secure site for women only where you can connect easily with your matches and arrange to meet up for coffee, walks, trips out, cinema trips or to find others with a shared interest.   So if you join, how does it work?

  • You register on the site with an email address and password.  When registering you tick boxes depending on age, where you live and your interests.  This automatically ' matches' you with others who are similar to you. 
  • When you log into your account you can view your own profile (you can edit it at any time), and the profiles of your matches.
  • Your matches are listed in order of the most active. You just click on a headshot to view their profiles.
  • If you wish to send a message to a match, you need to subscribe to the site, which is currently £19.99pa.  This allows you to communicate with your matches and to take advantage of our other benefits:
    • the eventfriends page - a page where members make a shoutout for a friend to join them at a particular activity
    • automatic prize draw
    • online and group events
    • discounts from shops
    • join our closed facebook group

Our members say that the site is very secure and easy to use. If you are looking for new female friends, we would love you to join us!