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ann and mary

What our members think of togetherfriends - An interview with a member

Ann from Newark gave us an interview on how togetherfriends is going for her.  This is what she said:

How did you hear about togetherfriends?

 I found togetherfriends by searching the web for friendship sites & then put a like on my Facebook account to save the site.

How did you feel when first messaging/meeting up?

I felt more comfortable messaging ladies who had profile pictures. However, at first a lady contacted me & we chatted over messaging but haven't met up due to residing in different counties. Another lady called Mary contacted me. Mary was a bit more apprehensive compared to me at the time but I could fully understand her apprehension as we were strangers. After chatting/sharing life experiences we found that we had a lot in common. We met up 2 months after chatting & it was if we had known one another for years.

Any tips for those considering joining togetherfriends?

Just go for it. It is a genuine, ladies only friendship site, is run professionally & a great way to find new like minded friends.

Have you made a friend/ friends through togetherfriends?

Yes, I have made 4 friends & met up with 2 of the ladies.

What sort of things do you do together?

Had coffee with a lady in a garden centre meeting half way & was invited to lunch at Mary's holiday lodge.

Any suggestions for other togetherfriends members?

To include a profile picture.

Have you used the eventfriends page?

Yes, I have often looked through it & I have entered an event myself.