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Writing letters to friends... reviving an old art form

Two of my strongest memories of being a student in the 80's, before the online era, was of standing in line for the red phone box at the end of the road to make the obligatory call to my parents, letting them know that I was still alive... and writing letters. 

We all really did write letters, in our own hands as well, and it does seem that the art of letter writing is one skill that has sadly disappeared. I love looking at old letters in museums.  What will be in the museums in years to come when there are no letters on offer?There is nothing better than receiving a hand written personal letter. (These days the only post is bills and advertising)   A personal letter shows that the writer has put a lot of time and effort into thinking about you.   The writer has to slow down and think, giving them time to consider and embrace the friendship in more depth. 

There are of course a vast array of ways to keep in touch these days, maybe too many.  We can email, text, use Social Media.... but somehow a hand written letter has more depth to it, is a lot more personal and not so spontaneous. 

Your friends will love to receive a letter from you.  There is nothing better than unexpectedly receiving a letter in the post.  The anticipation of opening it and maybe sitting down with a coffee to read it at your leisure.  And of course you can reply by letter too, allowing you to savour your friendship and write down your personal feelings. 

So in this time of lockdown, when we are isolated at home, why not reach out to friends, whether near or far away, with a hand written letter.  Tell them what you are doing, how you are feeling and maybe add a few photos to add to the pleasure. 

We cannot meet up at the moment, but we can stay in touch the old fashioned way!