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Event Friends

Fancy a theatre trip but have no one to go with?  Want to walk the Dales Way but looking for a walking companion?

togetherfriends offer another option for its paid up members: the opportunity to find companions for particular activities.

It works like this.  You fancy going to the theatre to see a particular show but don't want to go on your own.  Place the event on this togetherfriends page and we will publicise it for you.  If we receive interest in the event, we will put you in touch with each other.  You may be looking for a theatre companion, a tennis partner, a cinema friend or a travel companion.  You may be looking for a walking partner. There may be something you have always dreamed of doing but have no one  to go with.

Just post your request here via and we will do the rest!

Shout Outs



Date: 22nd Sep 2018

54 year old would like to meet for weekday daytime coffee and chats.

West Yorkshire


Date: 19th Sep 2018

50 year old would like to go out for walks during the week on the moor, in the Dales. Say 5 miles + a cup of tea afterwards of course!