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Our blog

Posted 16th March 2015

Eventfriends just launched

Looking for a companion for a particular activity?

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Posted 13th March 2015

Reaching out to rural areas

Live in a rural area and feeling isolated?

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Posted 11th March 2015

Bonding with friends old and new over books at literature festivals

We explore how literature festivals are a great way to broaden your horizons and bond with friends old and new

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Posted 8th March 2015

More events on offer at togetherfriends

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Posted 7th March 2015

A Mother's Day treat..a little bit of scones and cream..

As Mother's Day approaches, many of us will be planning treats as a big thank you for all the love and care that our mothers have given us over the years. And one of the most popular treats will be the afternoon tea!

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Posted 23rd February 2015

Women and their books

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Posted 21st February 2015

togetherfriends members meet up for coffee and art...

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Posted 20th February 2015

How sharing a love of books is a great way to make new friends

A few years back a friend and I were chatting about a book we’d both read – it was one of those page-turners you can’t stop reading yet you never want to finish.

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Posted 17th February 2015

All about book clubs...

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Posted 11th February 2015

Run or glass of wine? That's the question...

I wish I had motivation. I’ve sat on my backside all winter, meaning to go out but preferring the sofa, the fire and the glass of wine. No excuse I know

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