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Our blog

Our blog

Posted 3rd August 2019

Paddleboarding the Leeds Liverpool Canal as a 50+ woman

Support this lovely lady, raising money for a great charity while paddlingboarding the Leeds Liverpool Canal

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Posted 13th July 2019

Loving life in your 50's and 60s

Positive thinking post 50

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Posted 1st July 2019

My week in a wooden cabin in the woods

My week in Finland, getting back to nature

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Posted 2nd June 2019

What our members say...

togetherfriends members give their view on making friends via the website.

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Posted 18th May 2019

The effects of isolation on your mental health - a member's viewpoint

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Posted 11th May 2019

Finding friends online

The modern way to make friends - the online to real life journey

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Posted 6th May 2019

How to keep in touch with your long distance friend

Tips on keeping in contact with those friends who live a distance away

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Posted 23rd April 2019

Learning the art of small talk to help you make new friends

How to start up a conversation

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Posted 2nd April 2019

How to write a great profile on the togetherfriends site.

How to encourage lots of connections on the site.

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Posted 24th March 2019

Friendship in adversity

Being there for your friends at difficult times.

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